Friday, February 2, 2007

El Bombero Atómico

The Dallas Latino Cultural Center’s successful “Cine en el Centro” series focuses on Mexican cinema during the month of February. Films are shown at 2 p.m. Saturdays at the LCC Oak Farms Dairy Performance Hall and are free to the public. All films are in Spanish.

Saturday, Feb. 3, 2007: “El Bombero Atómico” (1952). Featuring the legendary comedian Mario Moreno “Cantinflas.” Internet Movie Database says “Cantinflas is a clumsy fireman, who one day receives the visit of his little goddaughter, whose mother recently died in the jungle. After having worked in a few fires, Cantinflas decides to quit and become a policeman, because it is less dangerous. Everything goes well until gangsters kidnap the girl, for her inheritance.”
This black-and-white film has no English subtitles and was directed by Miguel M. Delgado.
Dallas Latino Cultural Center, 2600 Live Oak St., Dallas, 214.671.0051

Titanic Budapest International Film Festival

Several of our Sister Cities host film festivals, and I’ll be trying to keep you up to date on activities, films, winners, directors, actors and all things surrounding the festivals.

First up is the Titanic Budapest International Film Festival. The 14th edition of this festival runs April 12-27, 2007. You can check out the festival at their web site:

Language barriers are always a little tough, but the site has some info in English.

In 2006, Titanic had 15,000 spectators and hosted films from 31 countries.

The inaugural Breaking Waves Award was presented last year to the film 4, which is based on a Russian novel. The Audience Award was presented to the American film Me and You and Everyone We Know – which is a really fantastic film. Both 4 and Me and You are available on DVD. You can watch a trailer for 4 at and Me and You at

As I learn more about the 2007 Titanic festival, I’ll update you.