Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Hellboy in Hungary

Helllboy 2: The Golden Army will be the first film shot at Korda Studios near Budapest, Hungary.

Mexican director Guillermo del Toro, who was nominated for an Academy Award for Pan's Labyrinth, said he selected Korda over Prague's Barrandov Studios. Del Toro shot Hellboy and the vampire movie Blade II at Barrandov.

Luke Goss has been cast as the main villain opposite Ron Perlman. Goss worked with del Toro in Blade II.

The second installment of the comic-inspired film will have some parallels to Pan’s Labrynth, according to Cinematical.

So what’s the appeal of Korda Studios? The Etyek, Hungary-based complex includes six studios of different size (2,205 sqm, 961 sqm, 1,769 sqm and 1,946 sqm) and equipment levels. It features a 5,546-sqm (59,696 sq.ft.) giant water stage, with Europe's largest indoor watertank for filming - 3,850 sqm (41,441 sq.ft.) with depth of 1.5 metres.

Adjacent to the sound stages will be 8,500 sqm (91,500 sq.ft.) of production support buildings, featuring production offices, make-up and hair facilities, dressing rooms, post-production facilities, screening rooms and various multifunctional areas. The studio's total area is 19,811 sqm (428,522 sq.ft.).