Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Dead Time

Indonesian writer and director Joko Anwar (photo below) is creating a lot of buzz in Indonesia with the anticipated arrival of his new film Kala (Dead Time). Anwar, 31, is a former critic for the Jakarta Post newspaper, in addition to his film work.
His previous movies were the light-hearted romantic comedies, Arisan! (2003) and Janji Joni (2005). This film appears to be a dark, film noir-inspired work. Anwar’s personal blog has great info about the film, photos and trailers.
Here’s a synopsis from his blog:
“A nameless country is in a state of chaos as natural disasters, corruption, and street justice rise. Some of the people grow more violent, the others hope for the arrival of a promised leader. A cop named Eros is investigating the case of five men who were burned to death by a mob after somebody screamed "thief" at the crowd. A journalist named Janus is also covering the story. The two are quickly drawn into a labyrinth of mysteries and murders. Janus accidentally discovers a secret. But everyone he tells the secret to soon meets a terrible death. When Eros also learns the secret, they both know that one of them has to die, unless they can find the promised leader before the angel of death arrives.”
I’m hoping to learn more about him and his work in the near future. The film opens in Indonesia April 19.