Monday, June 11, 2007

Munich Film Festival 25th Anniversary

This June marks the 25th Anniversary of the Munich Film Festival. The Festival runs June 22 through June 30.

In celebration we’re focusing on award-winning or top box office German films tomorrow – 6 p.m., June 12 – at the Filmies gathering at Rahr Brewery. (See details at the right)

Hope you can make it!

As for Munich, obviously there are lots of German films making their debut and many U.S. films. Additionally 10 films from our Sister City countries will light up the screens.

If you’re near Munich, check out the festival. If not, hopefully some of these will make it to a festival or DVD player near you.

Here are the films representing Italy and Mexico.

Born & Bred – Argentina, Italy

Gardens in Autumn – France, Italy, Russia

The Missing Star – France, Italy, Switzerland

Napoleon & Me – France, Italy, Spain

Our Country – Italy

Salty Air – Italy

Salvatore – This is life – Italy

The Session is Open – Italy

Sodom Carnaval – Mexico, Spain

Two Embraces – Mexico