Saturday, July 14, 2007

Trippy Spice

Paprika is one trippy movie.
Filmies attended a showing last night at the Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth.
The entire movie is a series of crazy dream sequences. It’s a swashbuckling, stream-of-consciousness trippy movie.
Most of us really enjoyed it. It’s not a particularly deep movie, just fun.
Directed by Satoshi Kon, Paprika is based on a book by Yasutaka Tsutsui who also published a collection of short stories called "Salmonella Men on the Planet Porno" – what’s not to like about that title?
The plot summary on Wikipedia goes like this, “In the very near future, a revolutionary new psychotherapy treatment called PT has been invented. A device called the "DC Mini" allows the user to act as a "dream detective" and view inside people's dreams, exploring their unconscious thoughts. The head of the team working on this treatment, Dr. Atsuko Chiba who begins using the machine illegally to help psychiatric patients outside of the research facility, using her alter-ego "Paprika," a persona she assumes in the dream world. Paprika is literally a "dream girl," with her cute face and red hair, she is the more playful half of the serious, though attractive, Chiba. It also seems that Paprika is the most expert of these "dream detectives."
That description is a bit tedious. Check out the Paprika site on MySpace to learn more and hook up with Paprika obsessed fans.