Tuesday, April 24, 2007

This Just In: New DVDs

Masaya Kato

The Last Supper, 2005, (Saigo no Bansan), Japan, Director: Osamu Fukutani
One night, talented plastic surgeon Dr. Yuji Kotorida (Masaya Kato) takes home some leftover fat from a liposuction procedure and fries it up for dinner. This taste of forbidden flesh fuels his desires, and he soon embarks on a killing spree to acquire fresh meat. Obsessed with eating human flesh, he devises ever more imaginative methods to indulge his appetites in this cannibalistic chiller based on a story by renowned horror writer Kei Oishi.

MTY Extremo, 2006, Mexico, Director: Marcelino Calzada
Vacationing Marcos Puentes's trip to Monterrey, Mexico, becomes a nightmare when he's mistaken for a prominent organized crime boss and murder suspect. With rival mobster Franco putting a price on Puentes's head, the innocent man must fight to clear his name -- and save his life. Directed by Marcelino Calzada, this stylish thriller from Mexico stars Renán Moreno, Antonio Craviotto, Mauricio Atri and Veronica Mabel Carrizales.

The Living Coffin, 1958, (El Grito de la muerte), Mexico, Director:Fernando Mendez Manuel San Fernando
Cowboy Gastón (Gastón Santos) and his sidekick, Coyote Loco (Pedro de Aguillón), travel to a hacienda to get information about a stone figure of a crying woman. The statuette is that of a mother grieving the deaths of her children and whose vengeful ghost haunts the residents. Soon, Gastón discovers the truth behind the eerie legend. Fernando Méndez directs this Mexican chiller inspired by Edgar Allan Poe's "The Premature Burial."

The Man and the Monster, 1958, (El Hombre y el Monstruo), Mexico, Director: Rafael Baledon
Greedy for international success, a concert pianist sells his soul to the devil in this Mexican horror film. The musician makes a deal with Satan, unaware that the cursed pact will transform him into a bloodthirsty monster whenever he plays his masterpiece. The body count rises, and a packed concert house sets the stage for the tortured pianist's most unforgettable performance. Enrique Rambal, Abel Salazar and Martha Roth star.

The Piano Tuner of Earthquakes, 2006, Germany, Director: Stephen Quay and Timothy Quay
After murdering opera singer Malvina van Stille (Amira Casar) onstage, the sinister Dr. Droz (Gottfried John) absconds with her corpse. At his villa, Droz enlists the help of the Piano Tuner of Earthquakes (César Saracho) in creating a performance starring the reanimated Malvina. Assumpta Serna co-stars in this haunting tale of obsession by groundbreaking fantasists the Brothers Quay.