Sunday, February 11, 2007

Pick Pan's

After weeks of waiting, I finally saw Pan’s Labyrinth – great picture. Also nice to see a full theater.
It’s also a surprising movie. You never know what a film is going to be like based on clips and hype.
It’s not all fantasy. It’s not like Lord of the Rings. If you’re not a fantasy film fan, don’t steer clear of the movie just because of that.
In fact the storyline I enjoyed the most was following the housekeeper, Mercedes, played by Maribel VerdĂș, and her brother’s band of resistance fighters against Franco’s Spain. The majority of the film is set in the real world. It had a real Hitchcock feel and urgency about it as in Notorious.
It’s violent. There are a lot of cringe-worthy screens, and once out on DVD I don’t’ recommend it for children.
Go see it in a theater for the spectacle.

Red Carpet Gala

Speaking of the Academy Awards, the Lone Star Film Society of Fort Worth and Texas Christian University College of Communication are hosting an Evening at the Academy Awards at 6 p.m., Sunday, Feb. 25 at The Dee J. Kelly Alumni Center, TCU, 2820 Stadium Drive.

Here’s your chance to revel in all that is Hollywood, without having to deal with that annoying paparazzi. Watch the Academy Awards live on three jumbo screens and root for your favorite stars and films.

Walk the red carpet with “celebrities” to the cocktail reception at 6 p.m., and then watch the awards broadcast starting at 7 p.m. Come dressed as your favorite movie character or in cocktail attire.

The event honors Mr. & Mrs. Jesse Upchurch for their continued support of the Gwendolyn P. Tandy Film Library.

For tickets or more information, call 817.735.1117 or visit