Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Hungarian Beauty

Hungarian beauty Kata Dobó is set to star in Madness is Catching later this year. The actress recently appeared in Sex and Nothing More which played at the AFI Dallas International Film Festival last month.
Madness is Catching is loosely modeled on the life path of Siddhartha and is billed as an adventure film and a “profound and provocative examination of the human soul's yearning for peace.”
Dobó was born Feb. 25, 1975 in in Győr, Hungary and emigrated to Los Angeles in the summer of 1999. She lives in Santa Monica, Calif.
She’s known to U.S. audiences for her role in Blood and Chocolate, Basic Instinct 2, Rollerball and modeling. She is an activist for the Hungarian Hospice Endowment for the Humanities (Cancer Center).