Saturday, June 23, 2007

Hungary & Korda Studio Get Raves

The opening of Korda Film Studio in Budapest at a former military installation is wowing Hollywood and the film world.

Variety touts the operation as top of the line. And with the opening late last year of the Stern Studio Film Studio and Media Center in Pomaz, north of Budapest, Hungary is attracting attention.

Now, California-based Raleigh Studios is opening of an office in Hungary offering production services. The studios offer local crews and craft, facilities and English-speaking keys, plus 24/7 connection to its North American operations.

Korda is currently host to Guiermo del Toro’s Hellboy II, which began shooting in early June.

Caboodle, a Hungaran website reports:

"We are very proud that one of the world's largest studios and most famed directors who recently won three Oscars with his movie 'Pan's Labyrinth' have chosen the Sándor Korda Film Studio as shooting location for their new movie," said László Krisán, director of Korda Filmstúdió Kft.

The filmmakers are currently building the film's large sets and plan to begin shooting in June. The first "Hellboy" was released in 2004. "Hellboy 2" is expected to be released at the end of next summer.

The "Hellboy 2" production team will use the four studios, and storage and workshop centers that were completed at the Etyek studio for the first phase of the investment.

The second phase of the investment, including a 21-meter-high water studio for shooting underwater scenes, will be finished by December. It also will be possible to open one of the studio walls to incorporate the Etyek landscape into films. The total area of the studios will be 6,500 square meters and cost €91 million to build.

Krisán said the production will be carefully separated from ongoing construction so work on the film is not disturbed.

The studio also acts as a community liaison for filmmakers, providing assistance with accommodation, opportunities for recreation in the area, and finding available manpower.