Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Crazy Blood

Italian director Marco Tullio Giordana (above) has begun filming his next project Sangue pazzo, a film set in fascist Italy following WWII. The film is about two famous actors who were part of the Salò Republic, were accused of collaboration and were later tortured and shot.
It stars hottie Monica Bellucci (left), Luca Zingaretti and Alessio Boni. Filming is slated for a 13-week run in Venice, Milan, turn and Rome. "Sangue pazzo" translates literally as "Crazy Blood".
The €10 million film received €1 million in funding from Eurimages and was deemed of cultural interest by Ministero per i Beni e le Attivita Culturali – General Direction For Cinema, according to cineuropa.com.
It’s scheduled for a spring 2008 distribution. The €1 million is the largest amount granted by Eurimages this year.
Eurimages also funded Palestinian helmer Suleiman $500,000 for "The Time That Remains"; Michael Glawogger's "Das Vaterspiel"; Helma Sanders-Brahms' biopic on composer couple Clara and Robert Schumann, "Clara"; psychotherapy thriller-drama "Dorothy Mills" by France's Agnes Merlet; Denmark's Madsen for "Flammen & Citronen," with Mads Mikkelsen; "Ljubav i drugi zlocini" (Love and Other Crimes) by Serb director Stefan Arsenijevic; and music drama "Fados" from Portuguese director Carlos Saura.