Thursday, June 7, 2007

Grant in Madonna film

Swaziland’s Richard E. Grant is taking a roll in Madonna’s first film directing project.

The low-budget comedy is called Filth And Wisdom and is based on Madonna’s life experiences. Hmm. That doesn’t really narrow the topic down, does it?

Media reports quote Maddona saying, "I am happy to confirm I am working hard on a new project, directing my first short movie. While I cannot tell you more about it for now, I am happy to officially reveal its title: Filth And Wisdom. "I will finish this in time to go back to the recording studio in July. I hate to be such a tease, but you know how I am."

Madonna’s husband Guy Ritchie is a well-known British filmmaker. The Ritchies and Grant apparently know each other socially.

Grant made his directorial debut last year with the film Wah-Wah. An in-depth article in the Courier Mail gives the low-down on all things Grant.