Monday, April 2, 2007

This Just In - DVD Releases

Godzilla Raids Again (Gojira No Gyakushu) 1955, Japan
Set down on a remote island, pilots Tsukioka (Hiroshi Koizumi) and Kobayashi (Minoru Chiaki) stumble upon the earth-shaking terror of two gigantic creatures locked in battle. When the huge reptiles are reported to Japanese government scientists, it's determined that one monster is a relative of the infamous, city-stomping Godzilla. The beasts' mighty clash takes them to Osaka, where -- not unexpectedly -- mass destruction ensues.

Kamen Rider: The First, 2005, Anime, Japanese
Set on world domination, evil terrorist organization Shocker kidnaps young college student Takeshi Hongo and turns him into one of its cyborg killing machines. Sent to assassinate a female reporter, Hongo instead ends up regaining his human awareness and resolves to use his new powers to battle Shocker. This futuristic actioner is based on the classic Japanese program "Kamen Rider," which premiered on television in 1971.

Nietzsche and the Nazis, 2006, Documentary, Germany
Adolf Hitler and his Nazi Party drew upon the works of famous philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche to justify their World War II atrocities and quest for power. In this documentary, professor Stephen Hicks explores Nietzsche's teachings and determines whether the Nazis correctly interpreted their meaning. History buffs and philosophy enthusiasts alike will appreciate the thorough examination Hicks conducts of this controversial topic.

Romantico, 2005, Documentary, Mexico
Director Mark Becker's moving documentary follows Mexican mariachi singers Carmelo and Arturo, who pour their passion and talent into their music, performing for largely unappreciative audiences on the streets and in the watering holes of San Francisco. But despite the hardships and meager income, the two immigrants persist in pursuing their art, chasing the dream of a better future for themselves -- and their families.

Kidnapped (Cani Arrabbiati), 1974, Italy
In the wake of a horribly bungled robbery, desperate thieves in need of a clean getaway kidnap a group of hostages and drag them along for the ride. Italian filmmaker Mario Bava directs this 1970s cult classic that was never actually finished because of a major financing snag. This edition includes two versions of the movie: Bava's original film with a few newly created sequences and a version that features footage shot by Bava's son, Lamberto.

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