Wednesday, June 20, 2007

This Just in: New DVDs

This week is a slow week for releases. In fact I couldn’t find anything from our seven Sister City countries. However, I’m posting info on a film from South Africa that might appeal to folks with interest in Mbabane, Swaziland. Films from Swaziland are few and far between, but the culture in surrounding South Africa can be similar.
Notice the difference in the two Max and Mona posters (above and below). The top one looks very Western and marketing driven, or like an indie film poster. At least that's my take.

Max and Mona, 2004, directed by Teddy Mattera, South Africa
Max (Mpho Lovinga) is a professional funeral mourner who wants to escape his small village and study medicine in the city. But when he suddenly finds himself responsible for some of his uncle's debts and Mona, the village's sacred goat, he must shelve his schooling and use his mourning talents to raise money. Max teams up with a shady funeral director, a transvestite and his uncle's beautiful neighbor to fend off the unsavory debt collectors.

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